Production lines

In order to ensure automatic sequences and production processes, preferably unmanned, various machines are suitably interlinked and optimally aligned.

The interlinking of machines ensures a higher productivity with reduced manpower and minimum space requirement, as e.g. intermediate storages are dispensable.

Production line for testing, sawing, chamfering and packing of tubes



high-grade steel
nickel alloys

Tube diameter

min. 6 mm
max. 50 mm

Wall thickness

min. 0,5 mm
max. 4,0 mm

Length of ingoing material

min. 4,5 m
max. 16,5 m

Length of finished material

min. 2,0 m
max. 16,0 m

The tubes are automatically separated, tested, sawn, chamfered and air-cleaned. Then the tube ends are plugged and the finished tubes are packed in boxes or hexagon bundles.

The pictures below show from left to right:

Chamfering equipment - Tube transport system to the chamfering equipment, the scrap cradle and the sawing unit - Cross transport system - Arms for feeding the tubes into the sawing unit

The pictures below show from left to right:

Charging cradle with cross conveyor to the separation system - Tube separation system - Sawing unit and abrasive cutting unit

Sawing unit and abrasive cutting unit

Tube production lines featuring interlinked machines

Amongst others separation unit, pointing machine, drawing machine, chipless cutting equipment, 10-roll tube straightening machine, cutting and testing equipment, for example for precision steel tubes

Production lines for tubes, hollow bars and bars

equipped with separation unit, push-in device, straightening machine and layer saw

Sawing unit and abrasive cutting unit

Bar production line

Detail of a complete line with straightening machine for hot-rolled bars, peeling machine, 2 roll straightener, chamfering and testing equipment

Bar production line

with separation unit, peeling machine and 2-roll straightener