Inside Bültmann

Here you will find at irregular intervals information on internal developments within the Bültmann company, e.g. on professional training programs, extensions of the company or special achievements by Bültmann staff members in their professional or personal life.

25 years working with Bültmann

Christoph Vedder from Balve is presently celebrating his 25th anniversary with Bültmann.

On 1st of September 1987 Christoph Vedder started his apprenticeship as shop mechanics and in January 1991 he successfully passed all examinations. At first he was working at the assembly department, then he was more and more often dispatched to sites within Germany and abroad. Now he is responsible for the set-up and commissioning of Bültmann machines and lines, a work which led him through half of Europe and the USA. Many of our customers explicitly request him, persuaded of his skills and friendly personality.

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