"Fit for Job": Learning days at the secondary school in Balve

Company's presentation for young people at school

On February 23, 2012 the pupils of the 8th and 9th grade could to take part in the project "Fit for Job" and were thus offered the opportunity to become familiar with different jobs requiring a professional training.

Bültmann was one of fifteen companies in and around Balve delivering insights into their working environment and informing of a vocational training within the corporation.

Beate Prietzel, student of mechanical engineering, Christoph Brucke, newly graduated design draftsman, and Pascal Wollert, first year apprentice, had elaborated a PowerPoint presentation and by this means presented their company: history, corporate structure, field of activity, manufacturing program and, needless to say, all possibilities for an educational training at Bültmann. Afterwards they faced the pupils' questions.

With great interest the young people then took part in a little experiment showing the magnetic properties of different metals. At the end of the presentation the pupils could try their luck in answering some questions of Bültmann's recruiting test for apprentices.

Feedback indicates, that all participants were pleased with this event.

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