Finishing line for hot-rolled round bars

for a leading stainless steel manufacturer in Austria.

A worldwide leading stainless steel manufacturer in Austria will improve the quality of his products by means of a complete new black bar finishing line for stainless steel bars up to Ø 100 mm make BÜLTMANN.

Ordering with BÜLTMANN each one multi-roll pre-straightening and finish straightening machine ensures the manufacturing of stress-relieved products in a quality which cannot be reached on conventional 2-roll bar straighteners.

For many years now this customer is successfully working with various BÜLTMANN machines and so they again decided in favor of BÜLTMANN.

The line mainly comprises the following units:

5-roll pre-straightening machine, 10-roll finish straightening machine, straightness measuring device and handling equipment.

We thank the customer for showing his confidence in the BÜLTMANN machinery.