BÜLTMANN with a good start into 2019

As turbulent as the old year has ended, so promising has the new year begun.

In Neuenrade, the project business got off to a good start in every respect; after all, interesting incoming orders were booked directly at the beginning of the year both in the field of equipment technology and in the field of consulting.

In both cases, the customers rely on the well-known wide-ranging practical experience of the "quality forge" in the region Sauerland.

On the one hand a complete automatic testing system for precision bright steel will be delivered, on the other hand a comprehensive consultation for the optimization and stabilization of the production process of a precision tube production in the non-ferrous metal sector.

The testing equipment with state-of-the-art testing electronics ensures and records the quality of our customers' products, which are of course also produced on BÜLTMANN equipment in the previous production steps. In this way, the continuously increasing market demands for high precision are taken into account.

The process consulting will show our customer, as much is already certain, various potentials within his manufacturing process and of course also increase and stabilize the product quality.

Both projects are to be seen and used in close connection to the current topic "Industry 4.0".

We are looking forward to these interesting, innovative tasks!

In addition, BÜLTMANN is also ready for your individual challenges. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.