Bültmann Testing Lines and Quality Control Equipment for Individual Demands

Constantly growing product requirements, combined with increasing quality demands, are the great challenges of today's world.

This makes it all the more important to test, measure and monitor products - in this case tubes, bars and profiles made of a wide variety of materials - directly after processing on high-quality BÜLTMANN production lines or individual machines. In this way, no symptoms are cured, but the causes are tackled directly.

For this purpose, Bültmann develops specially tailored measuring and control systems that are used directly in the individual production processes of drawing, straightening or peeling. This reduces the amount of deficient products, stabilizes processes and restricts personnel deployment. In conjunction with appropriate monitoring systems, the processes become more transparent, the traceability of the product is simplified and documenting options are created for the final customers.

This creates more trust, especially in high-quality products, and ensures high customer loyalty and competitiveness for the BÜLTMANN customers.

Industrie 4.0

The connection to further industry 4.0 features results in complete packages that will also meet future requirements.

In addition to the already proven BÜLTMANN NDT systems, geometry and tolerance measurements within BÜLTMANN peeling machines as well as the classical straightness measuring behind BÜLTMANN straightening machines, a further measuring system for BÜLTMANN drawing machines is available. This makes it possible to optically control and recognize the tube end geometries together with drawing grooves directly in the drawing process.

The system is based on a measuring technology that has already been tried and tested in practice and that is designed for use in drawing processes by means of special features. This results in maximum process reliability and 100% assured tube quality. Of course, this measuring system is also equipped with a user-friendly visualization and Industry 4.0 connection.

We would be pleased to design an individual BÜLTMANN solution for your application. Please contact us.