Ends well, all’s well

Also in the figurative sense referring to the ends of tubes or, in this case, to the "leading” end. Preparing the leading tube end for the subsequent drawing process is an important operation at the beginning of the drawing of precision tubes.

This work step is perfectly covered by the latest generation of BÜLTMANN tube pointing machines.

The combined tube pointing machine, type HAM/PH, has been specifically developed to handle the increased requirements associated with the pointing of tubes. Due to the combination of both proven pointing methods - folding tag forming and push-pointing - integrated in one machine it is possible to point tubes with small wall thickness as well as tubes with a larger one (ratio > 1:10) in one working station.

As this machine type requires very little space it is perfectly suited to retrofitting into an existing line. Furthermore the simple technical concept offers considerable cost benefits as only one machine for this application has to be purchased instead of two.

Moreover, the ingenious design of the push-pointer modules makes it possible to retrofit on site already existing folding tag machines with this add-on, so that a "state-of-the-art" pointing system can be used with a low investment.