Heavy-duty 10-roll tube straightening machine make Bültmann still on the rise

Long-term customer retention due to customer satisfaction!

Bültmann 10-roll straightening machine

The company philosophy of Bültmann „Long-term customer retention due to customer satisfaction” once again has proven true.

One of Germany’s largest manufacturers of precision tubes recently placed an order for another 10-roll tube straightening machine make Bültmann to be supplied to one of their German facilities. The decisive factor was, among others, the 10-roll tube straightening machine lately supplied to this customer. The straightening quality achieved on that machine is many times better than the agreed criteria and thus offers the customer a crucial competitive advantage.

In addition to that the automatic, reproducible machine setting offers the customer important time advantages during dimensional change and thus a respectively higher production capacity. The customer also emphasized the exemplary order processing of Bültmann ensuring the integration of the machine into the existing production line on site within a close time frame.

This proves, that the later integration of a machine into existing finishing lines represents an absolutely interesting alternative.

Additionally, the proverbial rigidity of the Bültmann straightening machines guarantees the respectively extremely high straightening qualities and the long-term reliability of the production process.