The BÜLTMANN 10-roll tube straightening machines are unbeatable

Impressing heavy duty design of the BÜLTMANN straightening machines.

Bültmann 10-roll straightening machine

Once again it was the impressing heavy duty design in connection with other technical features which convinced a leading Indian manufacturer of precision tubes to make an investment decision in favor of a BÜLTMANN straightening machine.

BÜLTMANN recently has been awarded the order of this customer and thus prevailed against notable European competitors.

This machine, equipped with the most modern straightening technology, will be used for the production of precision tubes for the automotive industry. The tube specification is as follows: diameter 45 - 175 mm, wall thickness 3 - 15 mm, length 4 - 12 m, material strength up to 1000 MPa.

According to experience, the machine will not only meet the high requirements to the straightening accuracy of < 0,3 mm/m, but will deliver even better results.

Furthermore, the straightening machine is equipped with the proven charging and discharging devices out of the BÜLTMANN product portfolio, which have partially been tailored to the customer’s demands. The specific design has been elaborated in the project phase already, in close collaboration with the customer. The fully automatic tube bundle separation, for example, ensures in-line with the customer’s existing tube production line highest manufacturing flexibility.

The well-known professional BÜLTMANN project monitoring allows as always for a reliable order processing until production ramp-up.

We thank our customer for the confidence they have shown us so.