Ends well, all’s well!

This could be the motto when using BÜLTMANN end machining systems.

But not only "good ends" are guaranteed after facing, chamfering, turning or further processing on BÜLTMANN chamfering and end processing machines. Other key data such as a high degree of automation, high availability, great flexibility and individual designs also characterise the BÜLTMANN systems.

These are all individually tailored to the customer’s requirements.


Both fully automated and simple manual designs are possible.

This results in tailor-made, customer-specific solutions for high-performance requirements, e.g. within complete finishing lines or as stand-alone machines, even for low capacities.

Furthermore, the machines and installations can also be combined with mechanical or optical testing devices, irrespective of the end machining, in order to verify or to document for example the desired machining quality.

It goes without saying that features such as process monitoring and advanced applications can be integrated as part of "BÜLTMANN 4.0".