BÜLTMANN 10-roll straightening machines successfully in use also for larger tube dimensions

The success story of the BÜLTMANN multi-roll tube straightening machines of the RRM10 series now continues in the area of large tube dimensions. Another BÜLTMANN tube straightening machine, type RRM 10/350 for aluminium tubes was recently successfully accepted by a leading Swiss aluminium manufacturer.

Bültmann Tube Straightening Machine

The installation is used for high-precision straightening of special aluminium tubes of different alloys. Since these tubes are mainly used in the aviation industry, besides the very high straightness requirements of < 0.2 mm/m, requirements are also imposed on the tube surface. These demands are met only by using the special BÜLTMANN hyperbolic roll contour in combination with a special processing principle when straightening the tubes.

The dimensional range is from Ø 90 - 350 mm with wall thicknesses of 4 - 15 mm and a starting length of 6 - 8 m. The wide range of dimensions requires increased flexibility of the straightening machine and the handling equipment, as these are both thick-walled and extremely sensitive thin-walled tubes. Special tube handling systems based on vacuum suction and special entry and exit channels in front of and behind the straightening machine are used.

The fully automatic straightening line with an operating weight of more than 150 tons is of course based on the well-known, extremely robust BÜLTMANN ring frame construction and also complies with the most recent EU Machinery Directive due to its safety concept.

A special measuring system consisting of a combined straightness and geometry measurement was implemented to monitor and maintain the extremely high quality requirements of the end products. This ensures maximum process reliability and transparent quality monitoring for the end user.

Equipped with a transparent visualization concept and corresponding Level 2 interfaces, the straightening machine meets the current "Industry 4.0" requirements.

At this point, we would like to emphasize once again the close cooperation with our customer, which also contributed to the success of the entire project. We look forward to a long-term cooperation.