Magnetic billet heating (MBH)

Inductive billet heating

Magnetic billet heater

The magnetic billet heaters (MBH) revolutionize the billet heating. Our system has been awarded several times and offers considerable advantages in competition:

  • the material is heated deeply during at any time of the process
  • generation of exactly defined temperature profiles
  • considerably shorter heating periods
  • uniform heat penetration
  • no local overheating
  • considerable energy saving
  • heating of all non-magnetic metals
  • also heating of spray deposition materials

Aluminium profiles for window frames, brass products for the house building and automotive industry as well as heat exchangers or heating tubes out of copper – they have all one thing in common during production:

Magnetic billet heater

The metal billets of which the semi-products are to be made, must be softened before processing, i. e. they have to be heated up to a temperature of 1 100 °C. It is particularly energy efficient to use the magnetic billet heaters make Bültmann.

Due to the superconductor technology the billet heaters achieve a heating efficiency of 80 percent. Conventional technique achieves less than 60 percent so that energy is increasingly lost. The principle of the new technique consists of generating a magnetic field in direct current operation by the so-called high temperature superconductors (HTS); the magnetic billet is moved through this magnetic field by means of a motor and thus induction-heated. Besides the energy efficiency, the new technique generates a homogeneous heat distribution within the metal, so that any local overheating is avoided.

In general, high temperature superconductors are said to be the key technology of the 21st century.

Metal billet heating by high temperature superconductor technology: the superconductors are characterised by loosing its electrical resistance already at less low temperatures than the conventional ones.

The development of the magnet billet heating has been funded by the DBU (German Environmental Fund).

Technical data:
Billet dimension: the mostly required Efficiency: up to 80 %

Ancillary equipment:

  • Billet handling
  • Billet saw
  • Billet magazines
  • Billet welding equipment


The magnetic billet heater in the view of the press

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