Peeling machine, type SH 80. This machine is part of a bright bar production line, comprising a heavy-duty bar peeling machine, a straightening/polishing machine and a facing and chamfering unit. The line is complemented by a testing line and a laser marking device.

Our peeling machines are used very successfully  for the fully automatic production of precision bright steel. The bright steel is characterised by slight dimensional and ovality deviations and an excellent surface quality.
In addition to peeling machines for steel also peeling machines for metals of all kind form part of our scope of supply.

The machines are designed for low maintenance and a permanent precision.

Ancillary equipment for Peeling machines:

Automatic separation; cross and longitudinal conveyor in line with:

Straightening / polishing machine
Cutting equipment
Chamfering equipment
• Grinding equipment
Testing equipment
• Packing equipment

Product samples of peeling machines

The following pictures show some possibilites to use our peeling machines and product samples.