In addition to the well-known "Industry 4.0", BÜLTMANN did now expand its activities in the mechanical engineering to the 3-D-Scanning sector.

To meet the ever louder call for more digitization, the BÜLTMANN 3D scanning capacities, which were previously only used on a project-specific basis, can now also be requested independently of projects.

The high-quality BÜLTMANN 3-D scanning technology enables fast and flexible use in the various fields. This means living digitization as a service with the greatest possible benefit.

3D Scan Muster

The form, execution and the finishing work on the §-D scans are based on the customer's requirements and, like all BÜLTMANN products and services, are carried out individually according to the customer's wishes.

We are looking forward to your inquiry; a precisely tailored offer will follow immediately. Please contact our service department.