Profile straighteners

Profile correction machines

Profile correction machine

The growing demand of transportation for more and more complex profiles with larger width and smaller tolerances requires a correction of the geometric profile contours after extrusion. The profile straightening and correction machines make Bültmann are most suitable for this application.

The straightening rolls are easily exchangeable and allow an individual adaptation to the profile contours. The driven straightening rolls are equipped with variable individual drives. The machine's design allows the installation of more straightening rolls at a later date.

Profile straightening machines

Our profile straightening machines are used for the correction of profile shapes and especially designed for the respective application. The number of “straightening” correction planes, the shape as well as the number of rolls are depending on the profile shapes to be corrected.

Ancillary equipment for profile straightening machines:

Cross and longitudinal conveyor, as well as cutting equipment

2-plane straightening machine for brass profiles

Profile straightening machine for square and rectangular tubes

Multi-roll straightening machine for steel square and rectangular tubes

For the straightening of solid bars, square and rectangular tubes as well as hollow profiles, our profile straightening machines are designed especially for your application to reach an optimum straightening quality. The number of straightening rolls, as well as the number of straightening planes are adapted to the profiles to be processed. For square and rectangular tubes, straightening machines with adjustable straightening rolls’ pitches are used.