Chamfering / End finishing

Chamfering equipment

To finish bar or tube ends of different material our robust and compact chamfering machines are used. The following machine types can be chosen: Chamfering equipment with one chamfering machine for one-sided end finishing Chamfering equipment with two chamfering machines for both-sided end finishing Chamfering equipment with four chamfering machines for double and both-sided end finishing.

Ancillary equipment for Chamfering equipment:

Automatic separation, cross and longitudinal conveyors, in line with: drawing, peeling, straightening, cutting, testing and packing equipment.
Thread cutting machinery

Chamfering and facing equipment

Chamfering and facing equipment

This chamfering and facing equipment is part of a bright bar production line for bar diameter up to 80 mm, comprising a heavy-duty bar peeling machine, a straightening/polishing machine and a facing and chamfering unit. The line is complemented by a testing line and a laser marking device.

Product samples for Chamfering and facing equipment

The following pictures show some product samples of our chamfering equipment