Technical service

Customer service is of great importance to Bültmann. It already starts before delivery of our high-tech machines when parts lists with categorised components are carefully prepared; thus a high quality standard is guaranteed.The close contact between the customer and Bültmann create the synergy between after-sales service and the productivity of the Bültmann machinery.

Original components, technically improved and delivered by Bültmann won’t leave any machine in the dust.

Make sure that you will have always the best - also with regard to the after sales service! Even in the case of older Bültmann equipment - take advantage as a customer of highest machine availability.

Please contact us!

We offer:

  • Inspection and maintenance of your new and old equipment by our specialists
  • Targeted realization of our shared experiences to obtain detailed improvements
  • Strict observance of delivery times
  • Assembly of new and old equipment
  • Delivery guarantee of at least ten years for Bültmann parts. Alternatives are promptly available!
  • Supply bottlenecks will be resolved as quickly a possible!

Support, maintenance and delivery of spare parts for all machines of the following former manufacturers:

Beck Maschinenfabrik

Beck Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Dahlhaus & Co.

Dahlhaus & Co.

WAKO Maschinen-Vertriebs-GmbH

WAKO Maschinen-Vertriebs-GmbH

The Bültmann service team can be reached :

Monday - Friday: 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., except bank holidays

Saturday: 9:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., except bank holiday

Please contact:

Svenja Drölle
After Sales Service & Export

Phone:+49 2394 18-119
E-Mail: sd(at)

QR Code Svenja Drölle

Svenja Drölle


Petra Erlhage
After Sales Service & Purchasing

Phone: +49 2394 18-117
E-Mail: pe(at)

Petra Erlhage


Annemarie Fritz
After Sales Service & Technical Support

Phone: +49 2394 18-116
E-Mail: af(at)

Annemarie Fritz


Sabine Harnischmacher
After Sales Service & Export

Phone:+49 2394 18-115
E-Mail: sh(at)

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Sabine Harnischmacher


Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Kreuzer
After Sales Service & Technical Support
Project Management

Phone: +49 2394 18-252
E-Mail: skr(at)


Ansgar Peterschulte
Team Leader
After Sales Service & Technical Support

Phone: +49 2394 18-113
E-Mail: ap(at)


Johannes Willecke
Application engineer

Phone: +49 2394 / 18-260 / 18-111
E-Mail: jw(at)


Marvin Hoffmann
Service Manager /
Planning Hydraulics / Pneumatics

Phone: +49 2394 / 18-108
E-Mail: mh(at)
  Marvin Hoffmann

For more information, please see:

Bültmann After Sales Service (647.6 KiB)